Measuring & Washing

Measuring for Curtains:

Use metal measuring tape for best results. Purchase curtains 1.5 to 2 times the width of you window. A 72" wide valance will cover approximately a 36" window width. If one valance is not wide enough, simply add another valance or combination of valance and swag.

Curtain length is determined by measuring from the rod to the bottom of the sill or desired length. Remember curtain measurements should start from the bottom of rod pocket. The header (the part above the rod pocket) will cover the window casing or add height above the casing. A 24" long tier will cover approximately the bottom portion of a 4' window and a 36" length tier will cover approximately the portion of a 5' window.

Washing Instructions:

All of our 100% cotton linen products should be washed the first time in cold water on gentle cycle with white vinegar to set color, line dry. We do not accept returns for laundered items.